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Strategic Migration

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By appointment

About Strategic Migration

Strategic Migration is the Sydney-based specialist migration law practice with a simple mission – to secure your Australian future. We have over 30 years experience in assisting migrants to Australia secure a visa – Strategic Migration has never lost an application. From private client to corporate service, Strategic Migration will tailor its service to your requirements.

Our expertise is to deliver personalized strategic and predictable migration outcomes that simplify, manage and deliver client objectives on time and budget.

We have offices in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

Core Services

We offer a full range of migration services including:

  • assessment of migration eligibility and options
  • strategic migration planning and advice
  • prepare and lodge migration applications
  • prepare and lodge skills assessment applications
  • review of documentation to ensure compliance with Migration Law
  • preparation of submissions and advocacy
  • immigration compliance, audit  and monitoring
  • education and training of key personnel to support corporate immigration programs
  • liaison with Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  • preparation and lodgment of Migration Review Tribunal applications from refusal and cancellation of visas

We also offer advice and assistance with concessional Australian citizenship applications.

Strategic Migration minimises the complexities, costs, stress and delays ensuring your migration to Australia is as smooth and seamless as possible.